wipppp foreverrr

wipppp foreverrr

truth be told i draw a lot but i just dont post it. a lot of things from different fandoms

mostly because its all porn. hachachacha gimmie ya characters ill make em sex :D

a snake grill

a snake grill

some kinda soldier lady

some kinda soldier lady


Anonymous asked: i look up to you a lot, for starters! i like how level headed you are and how you work through rough situations. i admire that. you're such a pleasure to talk to and i'm very very happy we're friends.

oh man, you’re so sweet! I feel really honored to have someone look up to me at all??? and anon you sound really thoughtful!! if you’re someone i know and talk to then i think im happy we’re friends too!!


Anonymous asked: you are a very solid person. like, you're really good at morals and stuff and don't really compromise with things you have Opinions about and I respect that a lot. You also have a fun sense of humor and I like hearing your thoughts on things (art especially)

hahaha thank you! Im glad you like my funny jokes ;)

AH MAN I AM REALLY OPINIONATED, A LOT MORE THAN ONE WOULD EXPECT AT FIRST… but i do try to stay respectful. im glad you enjoy my thoughts on things too oh geez


jonghooey asked: not anon but you are one of the most fantastic people i have had the pleasure of knowing and i really hope to continue knowing you for a long ass time and to hang out with you and i wish you the best!

oh man THANK YOU, RUI. that means a lot to me and THE FEELING IS MUTUAL, TBH!! lets chill bruh <>u<>


Anonymous asked: i consider you a very good friend hon and I'm honestly glad to know you

awh, calling me a good friend is like the best thing thank you ;w;

Anonymously tell me your feelings for me.

It doesn’t have to be romantic (though if you did feel that way, it’d be perfectly fine). Just how you feel in general. I get curious of people’s impressions of me.

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BURG TAG….. OMG I LOVE THIS also yes. ill get right on it. ill make a cottage cheese tag


i understand. i love burgers. its always that ONE thing ur parent brings home from grocery shopping

GOD YESS„„ burgs are my weakness bring me burgs and you have my undying love. cottage cheese, burgs…  i dont think we should put cottage cheese on a burg tho…

Oh! might i direct you to my burg tag?

also, im now laughing at the idea of a cottage cheese tag

i really love cottage cheese. i dont know why but whenever my mom does groceries and she comes home with cottage cheese im just like….. yes……. YES

i completely understand because i do that too. cottage cheese is really REALLY good?? i used to bring the little cups into school and eat them during ap calculus and my teacher would always call on me while i had a spoonful in my mouth and then just shake his head while im quickly trying to finish it and crying inside

thats also how i get when my mom brings home burger patties. gotta get my burg on kno what im sayin

i really love when people passionately love a thing. characters, ships, ideas, stories, designs, hobbies, careers, people ANYTHING. talk to me about it, tell me more about the thing you love! ill always be interested because its really cute and good that it can make you so happy